About Us

Alpha Graphix and Window Tinting has been in business since February 2003. We are a small business.  My wife does the paperwork and I do the rest of the work! 😊

Time is precious so we are mobile.  I come to you!

We install window tinting on vehicles, businesses and homes.  We also install custom striping, graphics, chrome accessories and lettering on vehicles.  Many of these items can be custom cut by computer for your specific vehicle.

Window tinting can be a great investment.  It keeps out heat, light and UV rays that can damage the interior of your home or vehicle.  Air conditioning runs more efficiently when heat is kept out, thus lowering electric bills and making you more comfortable in your home or vehicle.  It can also give a measure of privacy and protect you against shattered glass.

If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to call, text or email.  I answer all inquiries personally!  An informed decision makes for the best decision by the customer  and, hence, a happy customer…and word of mouth is still my best friend when it comes to business!